More iTunes Apps Than Songs Downloaded By End of 2010

Apple looks set to get more apps downloaded for its iOS platform than songs by the end of the year if a data-crunching exercise by research firm Asymco is to be believed.

The company, which revealed earlier this week that the iPod Touch accounts for around 38 per cent of the iOS market, reckons that nearly 7 billion apps will have been downloaded by iOS devices just over two years after the launch of the App Store.

In comparison, iTunes reached that number in five years and is likely to be superseded by the App store before the end of the year when both will have reached 13 billion.

Asymco extrapolated data extracted from the various updated Apple did over the past few years to paint an accurate picture of the current iTunes/App Store market.

The total number of iOS-capable devices sold by April 2010 reached 85 million with another 17 million units purchased in the subsequent four months.

This means that on average, each iOS user has downloaded nearly 70 apps, a number that's bound to rise as Apple increased the number of devices that support the OS from 2 to 4 since the beginning of 2010.