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New BlackBerry clamshell caught on video

Research In Motion's yet to be announced clamshell handset has been capture on video, in a few demos of the OS confirming it could soon be announced.

RIM's 9670 is reportedly the upcoming replacement to the 2008 BlackBerry Pearl 8220, which was their first ever flip phone. Specifications of the new device were ousted as far back as July this year, where now video has been leaked with the phone appearing to be running the new BlackBerry 6 OS.

The first video below shows the home screen of the phone, which is rumoured to be branded the BlackBerry Style. The footage shows the optical track pad being used, to bring down the notification bar whilst also being used to scroll through the menus - all of which are characteristics of the BlackBerry 6 OS.

The second video highlights the external screen, which is a synonymous feature of clamshell handsets of yesteryear and looks to be a useful addition to the BlackBerry Style. The third piece of footage just shows how zooming in on the screen works, by using the keyboard.

The video also shows the phone carries a full Qwerty keyboard, instead if the unpopular SureType Qwerty system that accompanied the Pearl 8220.

Research In Motion standard tag line is that they do not comment on speculation or rumours, and won't confirm if this is an upcoming handset nor when the BlackBerry Style will arrive in the UK.

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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