New Google Doodle Adds To Mystery

Google has again changed the doodle representing company logo on its search engine.

According to Telegraph, Google has sucked out all colour and design from its doodle on the homepage of its search engine and replaced it with dull, grey letters that spell out the company's name. However, as users begin to type a search query, the colour returns to the logo, one letter at a time.

The all new grey Google doodle follows yesterday's bunch of colourful balls, forming the company's logo, which sprung-up to life when touched with the mouse cursor.

Currently internet pundits and journalists are filling the web with rumours whilst attempting to solve the mystery behind today's colourless, and yesterday's colourful, doodle.

Google doodles are usually put up to mark an iconic event, such as the birthday anniversary of a famous personality, or to mark the independence day of a country.

The mystery is expected to be solved today at Google's 'Search On' event, held by the company to announce new search engine updates. The event is set to start at 5:30pm GMT in San Francisco, tech news site THINQ reports.