New Spam Attack Exploits Facebook Flaw

Security experts have discovered a new breed of Facebook attack that exploits a vulnerability on the platform to auto-post spam links on users' walls.

According to internet security firm F-Secure, spam messages get posted on victims walls the moment they click on a compromised link.

“A clever spammer has discovered a Facebook vulnerability that allows for auto-replicating links. Until now, typical Facebook spam has required the use of some social engineering to spread,” the company said.

Security firm Sophos explained that once users click on the link, the fake application gets automatically added to their profiles, as well as getting posted as their status message on their friends' wall.

Experts are predicting that typical Facebook social engineering spam attacks will be soon replaced by this new kind of auto-replicating spam attack.

Tech news site Cnet reports that Facebook has been quick to respond to the threat and has already plugged the vulnerability that caused the spam to spread automatically.