News@5: Google Doodles, Vodafone Sells China Mobile Stake & Duke Nukem Demo

Gearbox, the studio behind the development of Duke Nukem Forever, has announced plans to release a demo of the long-awaited video game. Duke Nukem Forever is set for a 2011 release and will be offered on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

Vodafone has sold its stake in China Mobile for almost double the amount it paid to acquire it 10 years ago. Vodafone sold 643 million shares, one of the biggest non-strategic disinvestments made by the company, at a discount of 3.4 per cent on the market price.

Security experts have discovered a new breed of Facebook attack that exploits a vulnerability on the platform to auto-post spam links on users' walls. According to internet security firm F-Secure, spam messages get posted on victims walls the moment they click on a compromised link.

Google has again changed the doodle representing company logo on its search engine, this time to a dull, grey version of its logo that, as users begin to type a search query, is filled with colour. The all new grey Google doodle follows yesterday's bunch of colourful balls, forming the company's logo, which sprung-up to life when touched with the mouse cursor.

eBay has launched a new environment friendly recyclable box for sellers to ship their products in. The idea behind the new initiative is that sellers and buyers will reuse the box for further shipping, thereby reducing waste from packaging material.