Nike Releases New App For Runners

Nike has released a new Nike+GPS application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Available on the App Store for $2, the application will allow users map their running route and motivate them to push themselves to the limit. The applications is available independent of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit or the in-built Nike application in iOS devices.

The application is designed to use both the GPS and accelerometer that come with devices, and is said to yield best results when used on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.

It will also come with a new feature, called Challenge Me, which will motivate users to go beyond their usual limits. For example, if users run for 2.5 miles, then the application will motivate them to go for 3.

As more and more exercise application makers are entering the market, Nike's move to release a separate application for the App Store will allow the company to add new features whenever it chooses, instead of waiting for Apple to make the changes to the in-built Nike application found on iOS devices.