No Anti-Terror Data On Police USB Stick

The Greater Manchester Police (GMP) department has claimed that the USB stick found outside one of its stations does not contain any sensitive anti-terror data.

The announcement comes after a USB stick, reportedly containing sensitive anti-terror combat data, was found outside a police station in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester by a local businessman.

According to reports, the USB stick contained 2,000 pages of data on how to act in the case of a terror attack. The stick also contained the names, ranks and divisions of a number of police officers.

The police department said that the information found on the USB stick is used for officer safety training, most of which was already available in the public domain.

In a statement to The Independent, Superintendent Mike Freeman of the GMP, said: “I think it is fair to suggest that in most cases, anyone who found an item belonging to GMP outside a police station might do the right thing and hand it in. The person in this instance clearly had other motivations.”