To Offer Chatter For Mobiles is planning to release a mobile version of its Chatter enterprise collaboration technology later this year.

According to a report by tech new site PC World, the customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provider is preparing to offer Chatter for mobiles to its enterprise clients.

Chatter is a social networking platform within an enterprise environment, allowing employees of a particular company to remain in touch with each other by sharing updates, information, news and photos.

The Chatter Mobile is expected to be available on Apple devices and on Research in Motion's BlackBerry by the end of this year, while smartphones based on Google's Android operating system will be able to access the service in early 2011.

Nearly one quarter of its customers have subscribed to Chatter since its release in June, and is available free of cost. Salesforce will not charge any fee to its existing customers for Chatter Mobile.

"I wouldn't be surprised to see mobile lead the space in business apps," said Scott Holden, the director of product marketing at Salesforce.