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Sony outs Move controller details

With less than two weeks to go until its launch, Sony has posted a comprehensive FAQ about the Move motion-sensing controller.

The Wiimote-copying controller is due to hit the shops on September 19th, and Sony has put together an eye-wateringly comprehensive list of questions and answers for anyone thinking of stumping up fifty quid for the camera-based controller system.

Ever wondered why the plastic ping-pong ball on top of the controller is coloured? Turns out it's not, according to the FAQ:

"The sphere atop the PlayStation Move motion controller helps the PlayStation Eye camera to precisely detect the absolute position of the controller in real-life 3D space. Some games may change the colour of the sphere according to gameplay, giving you visual feedback. The game can change the sphere to any colour (the sphere LED is controlled with Full Color 24bit RGB)."

Concerned that the lighting conditions in your gaming room might not be suitable? You might want to close the curtains, and not just because you don't want the neighbours to see you prancing around in your underpants:

"The system is very robust and works under a range of lighting conditions, but it is important to keep in mind certain lighting conditions that can negatively impact gameplay," says the FAQ. "The room does not need to be dark to reach optimal gameplay; however, it is important to check that no direct bright light or sunlight is reflecting onto the controller or camera. Strong lighting from behind the player should be avoided - especially light that changes, such as light from another TV. Finally, if the camera sits on a very shiny surface, the camera might see reflections which may cause interference with gameplay."

Available from September 19th, the PlayStation Move pack, which includes the camera and one controller, costs £50. Or you can buy the components separately for £25 each. Sony reckons that most of the launch games will work with just one controller but that some titles, particularly those involving violence off some sort, will be much more fun with two.

You can see the rest of the FAQ here (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.