webOS 2.0 Screenshots Leaked

Screenshots of the new webOS 2.0 mobile operating system from Palm have been leaked across the internet.

According to tech news site Engadget, the origins of the leaked photos are so far unknown, but were found on both Crooked Neck and PreCentral forums around the same time.

Judging by the leaked photos, it seems that the new webOS 2.0 will come with support for DropBox and MobileMe, as well as for Google Docs, multiple IM accounts, Cisco VPN and QuickOffice.

The leaked screenshots follows Palm's announcing that the company would release the webOS 2.0 by the end of this year.

Palm also said that developers will be able to get access to the webOS 2.0 SDK via the Early Access Program.

It is not yet known on what the new operating system will be used on, but is likely to be on either an HP branded smartphone or one of the tablet devices expected to be launched in 2011.