Yahoo-Bing Partnership Worth 25 Per Cent Of US Search Market

The Yahoo and Bing combination has managed to grab nearly a quarter of the total US search engine market share, a new report has revealed.

Yahoo, in conjunction with Microsoft's search engine Bing, has garnered nearly 25 per cent of total search engine market share within five days of the alliance going live, Search Engine Land has revealed.

According to recently released statistics by web-based market behaviour analytic firm Experian Hitwise, the transition made by Yahoo, to change from Yahoo Search powered results to Bing powered organic Yahoo Search results, has increased the company's share of the search market by over 10 per cent.

Previously Yahoo held 14.32 per cent of the market, but, following the completion of the partnership on 28 August, its market share increased, adding Bing's 10.24 percent to its own share.

Seattle PI reports that similar analysis by internet market research company comScore, however, reveals that the search market share occupied by the Yahoo-Bing joint effort accounts for nearly 30 per cent of the total US market.