3 UK Launches Samsung Galaxy Tab Packages

3 UK has announced that it will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab without disclosing when and for how much; it will also offer SIM-only voice and data packages for the world's largest smartphone.

The cheapest offer costs £10 and offers 100 any network minutes, 2000 Three-to-Three minutes, 3000 texts and 1GB data and you can triple the number of minutes for an additional fiver.

Those looking to use the Galaxy Tab as tablet only rather than as a smartphone can opt for the data packages with 1GB costing £7.50 and 5GB a mere £15 per month.

It is not known whether 3 UK intends to sell the Galaxy Tab as PAYG model or whether there's plans to offer it on a contract-style scheme in the future.

Unfortunately, Samsung's Android tablet does not come cheap at all with SIM-free, unlocked version being available for preorder only from as much as £608, far more expensive than the equivalent iPad from Apple which is a real disappointment.

Furthermore, 3 UK's press release says that the Galaxy Tab comes with a 1.2GHz processor rather than a 1Ghz one as mentioned by Samsung. Vodafone also confirmed that this was the case; so clearly someone's got their facts wrong.