ACTA Anti-Piracy Treaty Under Fire From European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament have called for greater transparency in the global Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

Around 377 members of the European Parliament have issued Written Declaration 12, which urges ACTA members to introduce greater transparency and hold further debates on some of the more objectionable content.

Tech news site THINQ reports that the declaration says ACTA "should not force limitations upon judicial due process or weaken fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and the right to privacy".

One of the most controversial regulations proposed in the ACTA is that lawmakers will be able to hold Internet Service Providers responsible for the counterfeiting and copyright infringement being done by their customers, though a recent rumour suggests that this clause has been dropped.

The European Parliament has asked the commission responsible for coming up with the ACTA, to make "all documents related to the ongoing negotiations publicly available" immediately, and has warned that the regulations being formulated should not affect the Freedom of Expression and Right to Privacy of users.