Apple iPhone 5 To Match PS3 Graphics Capabilities?

The Orion SoC that Samsung announced a couple of days ago comes with some pretty unusual GPU specifications as it says that the yet to be named GPU will be five times faster than the current PowerVR SGX540 found on the Hummingbird.

More specifically, Samsung says that they will deliver "5 times the 3D graphics performance over the previous processor generation from Samsung" and since Samsung manufactures the A4 for Apple, it is more than likely that the current technology will find its way in the A5, the processor that will power the iPhone 5.

The company's i9000 Galaxy S handset is one of the top performers on the GLBenchmark Pro 1.1 benchmark suite, achieving 1834 frames compared to the Nexus One's paltry 501 frames and the iPhone 4's 1039 frames.

The i9000 uses a PowerVR SGX540 and can be considered to be the best mobile GPU currently on the market; the Nexus One on the other hand uses the Adreno 200 from Qualcomm (ed: even with the new Adreno 205, the SGX540 will still remain the faster).

Now we do know that the SGX540 can deliver 90 million triangles per second while the PS3 can crank out 250 million triangles per second which means that in theory, the GPU solution in the Orion will be more than a match for the gaming console (with 450 million triangles per second).

We suspect that it is a multi-core variant of the SGX (Series5XT or SGXMP) with possibly some improvements imported from ARM's Mali GPU range (Samsung is a licensee as well).

Arguably, we are not comparing apples to apples (pun intended) and using "triangles per second" as a benchmark is too simplistic.

But it is indeed very interesting to find out that a top of the range smartphone in 2011 may have graphics performance that matches a current generation gaming console and could be 60x faster than a three year old 3GS.