Apple iPhone update - now out

New OS comes to fruition

Apple's latest update to their most recent operating system has arrived in the form of iOS 4.1, with many fixes to the previous version along with bringing in a few new features.

The new version of the iOS resolves iPhone 4 proximity sensor performance issues, with improvements to the devices Bluetooth and an apparent resolution to the iPhone 3G performance problems.

Apple has brought into their operating system a game centre, where users can play multi-player games and it is now possible to play against components over the airwaves.

There is also a new feature for taking photos with the iPhone 4, called high dynamic range or HDR. Three pictures can be taken at once on this setting. One over exposed, one under exposed and another normal one - where the three images are combined to produce the best quality photo.

IOS 4.1 adds new video abilities onto Apple devices, with the uploading of HD captured video content to YouTube and MobileMe over WIFI. There is also the ability to rent TV programs and not just download them from iTunes, both of which are making their debut in the iOS.

The firmware is available to download from iTunes, for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and supported iPod Touch devices.

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