Broadband More Important Than Food, Survey Claims

A survey conducted by Sky News has shown that Brits are more willing to reduce their budget for food rather than give up their broadband connections during financial difficulties.

The Sky survey, which questioned around 1,000 customers, found that broadband is of utmost importance to Brits, who value a fast internet connection as a necessity.

Speaking to Sky News, Research analyst Michael Garland, said in a statement: "Many Sky News Panel respondents indicated increasing concern over the impact that the current economic climate is having on their financial situation."

“Uncertainty surrounding job security, combined with rising costs for commodities such as food and drink, petrol, and electricity and gas have led to money worries for many, with some reporting increased insomnia, moodiness and even ill health as a result.”

Separate research conducted by the Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank found that 93 per cent of Britons will only part with their Internet connection as a last resort.