Call For Government To Prioritise Digital Sector

The Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) has urged the UK government to give priority to creative, digital and IT (CDIT) industries or risk loosing out on a multi-trillion pound opportunity.

The announcement comes right before the government is expected to unveil its first Comprehensive Spending Review.

The lobbying group said that the government must put more focus on industries that are creative, digital and inclined towards IT.

In a statement to IT Pro, David Docherty, the CEO of the CIHE, said: “We believe that the UK has a window of opportunity in which to establish itself in the highly competitive, multi-trillion dollar CDIT market or be left trailing behind countries such as China, the US, Japan and Australia.”

The CIHE has urged to coalition government to consider CDIT industry as a national priority, giving it similar importance as the science, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Docherty also advised UK universities and businesses to try and create an environment which will result in the inception of companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook.