Expert Claims UK Customers Not Interested In LTE

UK mobile customers may not be interested in the long term evolution (LTE) mobile network planned by the Orange and T-Mobile joint venture Everything Everywhere, an expert claims.

Everything Everywhere, which has a combined user base of 30 million users across the UK, has plans to invest heavily in developing technology which could allow Orange and T-Mobile customers to benefit from better network coverage and faster download speeds by being able to connect to both Orange and T-Mobile networks.

Even so, Mobile Gazette editor Conrad Longmore believes that the company will do better by improving its existing 3G network, instead of offering something which was already being offered by Orange and T-Mobile, BCS reports.

He said: “Many customers would probably be more interested in Everything Everywhere improving their 3.5G coverage first, rather than spend a very large sum of money on something that very few people can take advantage of.”