Google Instant To Come To Mobile

Google is likely to introduce Instant for mobiles within a few months according to numerous reports that have popped up over the internet; Google Instant, which was announced yesterday, is considered by many as one of the biggest changes that has happened to the search engine during the last 12 years.

Mashable has published a video showing an example of how Google Instant search will appear on a mobile handset screen (the interviewee used a Motorola Milestone handset with a large 800x480 pixels screen).

There are a few differences compared to the desktop version; you will need to have a fast connection, not all mobile devices will support it, you will need a compatible browser (sorry Opera) and there is no TAB button on most devices.

Google also confirmed that its mobile apps will support the Instant feature at some point in the future. Some though have noted that heavy Google Instant users may end up raking big bills due to the bandwidth consumed.