McKinnon case prompts extradition review

The case of UFO hacker Garry McKinnon has prompted a review of the UK's extradition laws, but any changes to the law are unlikely to help the Asperger's sufferer to escape the threat of a 60-year term in a US prison.

Home Secretary Theresa May has admitted that the current treaty with the USA is "unbalanced" and told the BBC, "I am fully aware there are a number of areas of the UK's extradition arrangements which have attracted controversy in recent years. This government is committed to reviewing those arrangements to ensure they work both efficiently and in the interests of justice."

Unfortunatey, the result of the review, which is lilkey to drag on for a year or more, probably won't affect McKinnon. The Home Office has aready said that current extardition arrangements will continue and that the review will not impact on any cases currently under consideration.

Perhaps we should all write a nice letter thanking Gary for his efforts to shine a light on the shockingly iniquitous state of our extradition laws while he is serving his sentence. It might take his mind off the probability of being raped by a bunch of crack-addled gang bangers and neo-Nazi thugs.