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Microsoft Hires Samsung Ad Exec To Head UK Marketing

Microsoft has hired a Samsung Europe executive as its new chief marketing officer for the UK.

The software giant has appointed Mikah Martin-Cruz, currently working as director of marketing for Europe at Samsung, to head its UK-based consumer and online department, Marketing Magazine reports.

Martin-Cruz is expected to join the company in October and will lead a team of 20 members to manage marketing for Windows Live, MSN, Bing, Internet Explorer and Windows Phone in the UK.

He will report to Microsoft's managing director of consumer and online for the UK UK, Ashley Highfield.

"The sheer number and quality of Microsoft's current and soon-to-launch consumer products is incredibly impressive. Whether people want to use PCs, phones, an Xbox or be connected across all three by the internet, Microsoft has a very compelling strategy," said Martin-Cruz.

Prior to Samsung, Martin-Cruz has worked with Sony as general manager for marketing and has held senior executive positions in companies including BT Entertainment, Viacom and Warner Bros. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.