Microsoft Wins Case To Acquire Waledac Domains

Microsoft has won its case against the Waledec botnet to acquire its 276 web domains, previously used to spread spam and viruses across the internet.

A US District Court in Eastern Virginia has ruled in favour of the software giant, ordering Waledec to transfer all web domains to Microsoft, the Seattle Times has reported.

Writing on the Technet blog, Microsoft's group program manager at its malware protection centre, Jeff Williams, wrote: "Our legal action to permanently shut down the botnet has been successful, and we have begun working with Internet service providers and CERTs to help customers remove the Waledac infection from their computers."

According to Microsoft, the accused did not show up at the proceedings, minimising the chance for them to appeal against the ruling.

Waldec has been accused of infecting tens of thousands of computer systems by sending malicious spam messages with attached viruses. At its peak, the botnet infected nearly 64,000 unique IP addresses with malware.