News@5: Google Instant On Mobiles, Apple To Sell 28M iPads In 2011 & BlackBerry World

Google is likely to introduce Instant for mobiles within a few months. Google Instant, which was announced yesterday, is considered by many as one of the biggest changes that has happened to the search engine during the last 12 years.

Research In Motion's BlackBerry World application store now stocks over 10,000 apps. The 18 month old app store now houses more than 10,000 apps designed to cater to the millions of BlackBerry smartphone users around the world.

Apple will sell around 28 million iPad tablet computers next year, a market analyst has predicted. Maynard Um, an analyst at research firm UBS Investment Research, said in a note to investors that global consumers are likely purchase Apple's tablet computer over notebooks in 2011,

Apple has provided patches for a number of security issues on its iPhone and iPod Touch devices in the recent iOS 4.1 update. Apple's latest update iOS 4.1, launched on Wednesday, offers fixes for a number of security issues discovered in the iOS 4 operating system.

Microsoft has apologised to an Xbox user in West Virginia for suspending him from the online gaming service. Microsoft had banned 26 year old Josh Moore from all Xbox Live after he listed his town of residence, Fort Gay. The company had declared the town's name to be offensive.