Nokia N8 Smartphone To Cost £35 Per Month

Three UK mobile phone networks have already started to take preorders of the Nokia N8 with line rental prices starting from £35 per month on a two year contract, via the Nokiadirect website which is maintained for Nokia by Mobile Phones Direct.

O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone all bundle a free mini HDMI TV cable with the deal with T-Mobile's £35 deal the more likely to turn heads. Those on it will get 1200 minutes, 500 texts and a generous amount of data to download.

For those looking for unlimited texts, T-Mobile allows them to give up 300 minutes; alternatively a shorter 18-months contract exist which will give you 600 minutes and unlimited texts, yielding a TCO of £630.

O2 and Vodafone £35 packages come with 600 minutes and unlimited minutes with those opting for shorter contract periods getting 300 minutes only with unlimited texts. Those who preorder on the plans will have to wait for at least 20 days before getting their hands on the smartphone.

The bottom line is that, as it stands, the N8 packages are cheaper than the iPhone 4 and just a tad more expensive than the HTC Desire ones which is likely to be replaced by the HTC Desire HD soon.