Ofcom Boosts 3G Power Limit

Ofcom has decided to allow UK wireless carriers to enhance their 3G services to provide customers with better coverage and download speeds.

The move will allow mobile operators to better cope with the boost in demand for data services caused by the ever increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet PCs.

Previously, mobile operators offered 3G services at a signal strength of 62 dBm, but had recently proposed a 3dB increase.

Ofcom had wanted to up 3G power by 6 dB, but chose to increase as much as proposed by mobile operators meaning network carriers will now be able to offer 3G services with a signal strength of 65 dBm.

In an official statement, Ofcom said: “Dependent on network operators, this has the potential to improve voice capacity, data throughput and in-building signal availability by making more effective use of currently available base station technology.”