Office 2011 For Mac To Get Co-Authoring

Microsoft has continued to release information on the development its Office 2011 for Mac.

Mac Rumours reports that the software giant has leaked more information about the forthcoming version of its Office 2011 for Mac in a recent video clip, throwing light on its new features including Co-Authoring, Scheduling Assistant, Web Apps, and Broadcast Slideshow.

"It used to be the case you had to mail around a document among multiple authors. Who has the latest copy? Is this the last one? Is this the final? The final, final, final? And this happened all of the time," said Kurt Schmucker, chief of the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft in a video on company's Office for Mac blog.

According to Schmucker, Co-Authoring will enable several writers to work on an Office document simultaneously, storing the document in the cloud with the help of Web Apps.

Also, Office for Mac will now includes Broadcast Slideshows, which was a part of PowerPoint 2010 for Windows.

Office 2011 for Mac is scheduled to be released in October.