Adobe says Apple App u-turn is great news

Adobe has described Apple's decision to allow third-party developer tools to be used to create iOS4 software as "great news".

In an official blog post, and Adobe spokesman says, "Apple’s announcement today that it has lifted restrictions on its third-party developer guidelines has direct implications for Adobe’s Packager for iPhone, a feature in the Flash Professional CS5 authoring tool. This feature was created to enable Flash developers to quickly and easily deliver applications for iOS devices."

As a result of the nasty spat between Apple and Adobe, the multimedia manipulation outfit halted work on its toolkit for iOS4 developers some months ago, but the surprise turnaround has given Adobe's relationship with the Cupertino company a new lease of life. "The feature is available for developers to use today in Flash Professional CS5, and we will now resume development work on this feature for future releases."

Pointing out that Flash Player has still been left out in the cold because it breaks Apple's cardinal rule that iOS4 Apps can not download any code, Adobe is still excited about the development.

"This is great news for developers and we’re hearing from our developer community that Packager apps are already being approved for the App Store."