Apple To Choose Qualcomm For iPhone 5 Baseband Hardware?

Apple may well be considering ditching Infineon baseband solutions for the iPhone 5 (or whatever the next generation iPhone is called) for Qualcomm's after the former was acquired by Intel.

Chinese newspaper Chinatimes reports that the switch may actually have already taken place with other products like the iPad also concerned.

The newspaper did not say whether the move was motivated by the Intel acquisition and some observers have deducted that the decision could mean that Apple will be looking to launch a CDMA iPhone in 2011.

Doing so would allow the company to expand its market in the US and finally end up the AT&T exclusivity. Qualcomm's latest baseband solutions are flexible enough to provide Apple with an all-rounder phone capable of being rolled out worldwide from day one.

Intomobile noted also that when Paul Otellini, the CEO of Intel, was interviewed over the acquisition of Infineon, he stated that Steve Jobs was quite happy about the deal.

Nevertheless, should Infineon lose Apple, it will have a significant impact on the profitability of the company in the short term.