Apple products Are "Mutant Viruses" Says Acer Chief

Acer founder Stan Shih has labelled Apple products as "mutant viruses", currently cannibalising the PC market.

In an interview Shih said that Apple products, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, were eating away the PC market at an alarming rate. He said, however, that PC makers will soon find a cure to the 'virus' and isolate it.

Shih also praised Apple CEO Steve Jobs for adopting a completely different strategy to his PC brand rivals, adding that Jobs was always "looking for revolution" to better his company's position.

The Acer chief said that PC makers should follow the example of Apple, which has created a successful range of products, all of which come highly integrated with other Apple software and hardware as well as a popular application store to compliment it.

He urged computer makers not to focus too much on hardware, but concentrate on developing a software environment for users that reflects Apple's culture of innovation.

Shih predicted that US PC makers will quit the PC market in the long run, instead to focus more on the service industry.