Bebo Hires Xbox Co-Creator As Chief Product Officer

Social networking platform Bebo has hired former Microsoft employee Kevin Bachus as the new Chief Product Officer.

Kevin Bachus, the co-creator of the Xbox games console, will be responsible for developing Bebo's social network and ensuring its future growth.

The move follows a recent rise in the platform's user base.

In July Bebo reported a rise of 35 per cent in its UK user base, pegging the number of current members at 3.4 million. The worldwide user base of Bebo has also risen by 19 per cent to end up at 10.4 million.

Bebo had been gradually disintegrating after users left the platform in droves to migrate to Facebook and MySpace.

Motivated by the rise in the number of users, Bebo is planning to evolve and offer Web users reasons to join the platform, which once boasted of 10 million UK users and 20 million worldwide.

Bachus said in a statement to Gamesutra: “The thing that frightens me in social space is people look at it as one giant monolithic thing, where Facebook will dominate.”