Google Adds Walking Directions To Maps For Android

Google has updated its Google Maps for Android application to include the beta version of the Walking Navigation tool.

According to Google, the Walking Navigation tool will allow mobile users to receive walking directions for known pedestrian pathways.

The tool can be selected from the Navigation icon on the top left corner of the screen.

The Walking Navigation tool comes with some tweaks. The phone will vibrate when users need to make a turn and they can also turn off voice guidance and receive satellite view by default.

The map is also designed to turn as users rotate the mobile.

Google has warned that Google Maps may not be updated with recent information and has asked users to walk with their eyes open and pay attention to road signs in order to avoid any incidents.

The company has also introduced the smart navigation feature to Street View, allowing users to fly to the street of their choice by simply swiping a finger on the screen, and a new Google Maps search bar with enhanced search options.