Google Voice Update Offers Widgets For Android

Google has released a pair of new widgets for Android Phones to aid quick and easy access to Google Voice.

The internet search giant has introduced Google Voice Widgets in a recent update to enhance the ease of access to Google Voice settings and voicemail, tech news site TMC Net has reported.

First reported by Mashable, the update for the Google Voice Android app comes with widgets on the home screen, allowing users to read and send text messages, take a look at their credit balance and check voicemail.

Announced on Google Voice blog by the company's product manager Marcus Foster, users can download the application from Android Market.

All they need to do is to go to Menu/Add to Home/Android Widget and choose both "Google Voice Inbox" and "Google Voice Settings".

The upgrade also enable users to activate a 'Do Not Disturb' feature to send calls directly to the voicemail.