'Here You Have' E-Mail Virus Goes Global

A new kind of e-mail virus, designed to delete all security software installed on a computer, has surfaced on the web.

According to security software maker McAfee, the virus is spread by e-mailing everyone on the address book of an infected user.

The e-mail, which is titled 'Here you have', contains a malicious URL which pretends to be a download link to a PDF file. Instead, the link redirects users to an executable page which installs the virus on the Windows Directory as 'CSRSS.EXE'.

The virus then proceeds to e-mail everyone on the address book of the infected user and deletes the security software installed on the system.

McAfee warned that the virus can also spread from mapped drives, remote machines, and removable media.

Users have been advised not to click on any suspicious looking URL, even if they have received it from a trusted source.

They have also been advised to update their anti-virus software.

All major anti-virus makers, including McAfee and Norton, have already updated their virus definitions to combat this virus.