iFixit Opens Up iPod Touch 4G

Teardown specialist iFixit has yet again opened up another Apple gadget, this time the iPod Touch 4G and found out that it does share a lot with the iPhone 4.

The complete process can be found here and shows that the front facing camera on the iPod Touch is the same as the iPhone 4, only slightly thinner (possibly a minor version upgrade).

The main camera though is a mere 0.7 megapixels though, a fraction of the iPhone 4's 5-megapixel model. That's understandable as the iPhone 4 still needs to have other significant differentiators apart from the fact that it can make calls.

As expected, the retina display on the iPod Touch 4G is the same as the iPhone 4 although the iPhone's version uses IPS while the iPod Touch's doesn't.

iFixit noted that repairs to any broken screen is likely to be significantly more expensive because the front glass and the panel are "permanently fused together".

Other differences noted include the fact that the iPad and the iPod Touch have the same A4 processor and the same amount of onboard memory (256MB).

iFixit concluded its teardown by stating that the new iPod Touch is significantly more difficult to repair than previous models.