iPod Touch 4 gets iFixit treatment

iFixit regularly reduces shiny new gadgetry to its base components even before we get to see them retail. The new iPod Touch is no exception to the rule.

Right now you can give the blow-by-blow account of the teardown a look right here.

As you will see, Apple has made some significant improvements to the device's design, not just to accommodate new features, but to avoid little people cracking open their toys to see how they tick. It seems that Apple has used an unusually large amount of glue to make things stick, this time, so getting to the iPod's innards was a bit of a challenge, even for iFixit.

The main point of contention is the fact that the iPod Touch 4 is unlike the iPhone in terms of screen quality, despite the supposedly identical "Retina display". Actually, the iPod Touch is more like the iPad than its talkative iPhone brethren. Only 256MB RAM inside. The iPod is sporting the same basic hardware as the iPad, yet with an obviously smaller screen.

Well worth a look, we think.