Microsoft Issues Apology For Cloud Service Outages

Microsoft has apologised for the series of outages that have plagued its cloud hosted services in the past few weeks.

In a blog post by Morgan Cole, head of Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite, he acknowledged that the company had fallen short in maintaining the quality of service for its hosted services.

"We aspire to deliver quality services, and in the last couple of weeks, we have fallen short of this aspiration. I wanted to write here to apologise to you, our customers, for any inconvenience these issues may have caused," he wrote.

The blog referred to last three outages, which took place in the past one month and affected its cloud-based BPOS services causing long periods of inaccessibility to servers in North America.

Although the BPOS service, which includes access to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting, and Office Communications Online, is priced at $10 per month for every user, the company has not offered reply to queries of customers regarding downtime compensation.