Microsoft Launches Dynamic CRM 2011 Beta

Microsoft has announced the availability of the beta version of its next-generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product.

The software giant has made its new CRM software product, Dynamic CRM 2011, available for testing, the Seattle Times reports.

The beta version of the software will be made available from Microsoft's worldwide data centre to customers with cloud-based operations conducted on-premises. It will be available to both online and on-site services.

Currently, the Dynamics CRM 2011 beta is available to users in 36 separate countries and in eight different languages. Microsoft plans for the final version of the product to be available in around 40 global markets in more than 41 languages.

Microsoft customers and partners can access the beta software by signing up or downloading it at

The company has also revealed that the beta version for Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace will be released later this month. Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is expected to contain at least 700 applications.