Microsoft's Xbox 360 Outsells Rivals In US

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has outsold rival consoles in the US market during August, a new report shows.

According to a report published by market research company NDP Group, the sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360 console have surpassed all others, capturing 66 per cent of total console sales last month, games news site Gamasutra reports.

According to the data, 356,700 Xbox 360s were sold, followed by Sony's PlayStation 3, which rose by 7.6 per cent, accounting for 226,000 units overall.

Nintendo reported its worst sales since the launch of its Wii, with only 244,300 units sold in the US market.

"In fact, this month reflected the lowest sales for August since 2006. While all categories are down in both dollars and units, the portable portion of the industry is down to a greater extent than is the console portion," said Anita Frazier, an analyst at NDP.

Overall, during August the US video game market has dropped by 10 per cent to $818.9 million.