Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Preview

Mozilla has released the preview version of its upcoming Firefox 4 web browser, set will be powered by the JägerMonkey JavaScript engine.

The new JavaScript engine will replace the TraceMonkey, which was first introduced in Firefox 3.5. Mozilla. Mozilla aims to use the JavaScript engine to make Firefox 4 the fastest browser in the market.

Writing on the Mozilla blog, developer David Mandelin wrote: “We created a new cross-platform whole-method JIT compiler in about 23,000 lines of code. It supports x86, x86-64, and ARM in an almost entirely shared compiler code base, the only JS engine that does so (to our knowledge).”

According to the company, the preview version of Firefox 4 is much faster than previous iterations of the web browser and will run JavaScript-heavy websites, such as Gmail and Facebook, smoothly.

The company also said that demos and games work especially well on the browser, and that they are currently testing a Super Mario game on the platform.