News@10: Google Maps Walking Update, Kindle On Sale In Best Buy & The Apple 'Mutant Virus'

Acer founder Stan Shih has labelled Apple products as "mutant viruses", currently cannibalising the PC market. Shih said that Apple products, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, were eating away the PC market at an alarming rate, but that PC makers will soon find a cure to the 'virus' and isolate it.

Google has updated its Google maps for Android application to include the beta version of the Walking Navigation tool. According to Google, the Walking Navigation tool will allow mobile users to receive walking directions for known pedestrian pathways.

Web hosting services provider Rackspace has pulled the plug on two websites belonging to the pastor of a US church planning to burn the Koran on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks The company has claimed that the Dove World Outreach Center church, run by Reverend Terry Jones, had violated the "Offensive Content section of its Acceptable Use policy".

Microsoft has released the details of its upcoming Patch Tuesday security update for September. The software giant plans to release at least nine security bulletins to patch 13 flaws reported in the Windows OS, Office suite and Web Server software

Amazon has started to sell the popular Kindle Ebook reader in Best Buy stores in a bid to increase sales of the device amidst increase competition from Apple's iPad and other Android-based tablets.