Ofcom Plans To Make Switching ISPs Easier

According a survey conducted by UK telecom regulator Ofcom, almost half of UK broadband and fixed line customers feel that changing their service provider is "too much hassle".

Ofcom said that 45 per cent of consumers were wary of changing their broadband or fixed line service provider as the process involved in too tedious and time consuming.

The results of the survey have prompted the regulator to consider implementing methods ease the process of changing fixed line and broadband service providers for consumers.

Ofcom believes that this would not only give them more choices, but also improve competition.

Today, customers willing to change their service provider first have to get a Migration Authorisation Code from their current service provider and give it to the new one.

Ofcom has proposed a Gaining Provider Led (GPL) process, which make the new service provider responsible for a quick migration.

The watchdog said in a statement: “GPL processes are also more likely to deliver lower prices, greater choice and innovation for consumers as they force providers to compete vigorously for rivals' customers.”