Ofcom to simplify ISP switching

According to Ofcom, nearly half of UK broadband users won't consider changing their ISP because it will be a pain.

The communications watchdog is now investigating ways in which the onerous task of getting hold of a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) and all of the other gubbins necessary to kick you current ISP into touch can be handed over to the new company which is touting for your business.

Ofcom is mulling the possibility of switching to a GPL (Gaining Provider-Led) system which should lead to less foot-dragging the the part of the soon-to-be-dumped provider.

"The new provider has an incentive to ensure that the switching process is as smooth as possible. This is also more likely to deliver lower prices, more choice and innovation for consumers because it facilitates communications providers competing vigorously for rivals’ customers," said Ofcom.

The organisation also reckons that GPL switchovers will simplify the process of moving from one bundled supplier to another, where multiple services are included in a single contract.

The new proposal would have to include measures to prevent 'slamming', where customers are switched to a different provider without their consent.