Oracle And NetApp End Patent Dispute

Oracle and NetApp have agreed to drop a three-year long patent infringement lawsuit.

The lawsuit was first fought between NetApp and Sun Microsystems, but when Oracle acquired Sun, it vowed to keep fighting. Both firms have now agreed to drop their litigation and make amends.

CEO of NetApp Tom Georgens said in a statement: “For more than a decade, Oracle and NetApp have shared a common vision focused on providing solutions that reduce IT cost and complexity for thousands of customers worldwide.”

NetApp had filed a lawsuit against Sun in 2007, claiming that Sun was violating a number of its patents in Sun's Zettabyte File System.

Another patent suit was found to have been filed previously by Sun, claiming that NetApp had violated Sun patents, and needed to pay the company royalty fees.

In a statement, NetApp has said that the company will continue to collaborate with Oracle for delivering improved solutions to their mutual customers, for better flexibility and efficiency.