Picture : Old Google vs Instant Search vs Chrome OS

Instant search is Google's first step towards what can be considered as the holy grail of human/computer interaction, the one click interface, a paradigm that permeate recent significant Google innovations such as Chrome and Android.

To better understand the concept, we compared how Google search used to work, is working and how Google intend it to work in the future; we thought that building a table comparing the three might be the easiest way of illustrating that.

As you can see, before Chrome Instant, users needed to follow 12 steps from switching on your computer to clicking on the appropriate link. With Google Instant, that number is cut to 10 and with Chrome OS, Google hopes to cut it to five.

Launching your OS (which is in effect your browser), highlighting the URL field (which might be the default), type in the query, evaluate the Search Engine Results Page and clicking on the appropriate link; changing the search query will just be a matter of pressing backspace and typing in again.

Google says that the new Instant feature will shave around 3.5 seconds on average for each query. It is likely to be even higher with Chrome OS.

Check the video below from Google called "What is Google Chrome OS?" to learn more.