Rackspace Pulls Koran-Burning Church's Website

Web hosting services provider Rackspace has pulled the plug on two websites belonging to the pastor of a US church planning to burn the Koran on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

The company has claimed that the Dove World Outreach Center church, run by Reverend Terry Jones, had violated the "Offensive Content section of its Acceptable Use policy".

Rackspace said it has every right to remove a website from it servers if it "incites violence, threatens violence, or contains harassing content or hate speech".

The Reverend as been asked to not to go through with the Koran burning event as this could increase the possibility of a retaliatory terror attack from radical Islamic militants. However, Jones is adamant in his decision to burn around 200 Korans with 50 of his followers.

The Vatican has also called the Koran burning event an "outrageous and grave gesture" which could have serious implications.