Samsung Galaxy Tab v2 May Come With AMOLED Screen

The first Galaxy Tab tablet is yet to be sold and there are already rumours about the next generation model which is said to be launched in 2011 and could well sport a major display upgrade.

According to Mingchi Kuo, Digitimes Research senior analyst, the company may release a model next year with an AMOLED panel, the same kind that's used in the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones.

Kuo also stated that Samsung would be sourcing IPS panels for the Samsung Galaxy Tab from external sources possibly because demand is significantly outstripping production.

The senior analyst says that Samsung should be able to sell around two million units in 2010 or roughly eight million per year which is less than the 10 million target Samsung is aiming for.

The current model is said to use a SoC solution similar performance-wise to the S5PC110, an ARM Cortex A8-based application processor; interestingly, Digitimes reports that the Galaxy tab was originally planned to have only 256MB onboard.

Kuo concludes that tablets from Samsung and Apple are likely to push IPS adoption worldwide as a mainstream display technology.