Windows Phone 7 spotted in the wild again

More shots of a smart phone running Windows Phone 7 have appeared on the Internet.

The shots of what appears to be a Samsung GT-i8700 were sent to Gizmodo by an anonymous tipster who ironically snapped the pics using an iPhone. (You'll spot the Apple-wielding mole if you open the pic in an image editor and blow up the exposure level).

According to the pics the monolithic and rather manly black handset is running a version of the forthcoming mobile operating system denoted version 6527 Mainline (buildlab) 20100728 which looks to us like it's a little over a month old.

It's difficult to glean too much information from the shots available but the handset has a rear facing camera with LED flash and sports a puny 8GB of on-board RAM which would suggest that removable flash storage is probably an option.

It al looks fine until you look at the back views of the handset which look a bit cheap and plasticky to our eyes.

Windows Mobile Series 7 is expected to launch on October 11th according to a report from Pocket Lint.