iPod Nano Gets Dissected By iFixit

The sixth generation iPod Nano has been torn down by iFixit staff, the third one in 72 hours and has been described by iFixit's CEO, Kyle Wiens, as an iPod shuffle with a (small) screen rather than an iPod Nano with multi-touch.

Mr Wiens added that Apple is "seriously reaching by calling the Nano 'multi-touch'". The Nano only allows two-finger screen rotation, the only multi-touch gesture that's currently supported.

There were rumours about a pinch-to-zoom feature that might come at a later stage perhaps via a firmware update.

Over 28 steps (and photos), iFixit took apart the device and found out that the display, like for the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch, is a single unit that will be expensive to replace when defective.

Interestingly, Apple chose Toshiba to provide with the 8GB NAND memory flash, while there are a number of Apple-branded chips on the tiny motherboard in the iPod Nano.

The iPod Nano is available either as a 8GB model or a 16GB one and costs £129 and £159 respectively. In comparison, Sony's MWZ-E455, which comes with 16GB memory and a 50 hours music playback, costs £85 at Play.