Microsoft Hosts Funeral Ceremony To Bury Windows Phone 7 Rivals

Microsoft has organised a funeral ceremony near its headquarters in Redmond where some employees paraded coffins and hearses for Windows Phone 7 rivals including the iPhone and the Blackberry.

The event which was held to mark the arrival of Windows Phone 7 RTM, one which according to one wagon in the cortege, "buries the competition", hence the theme of the macabre happening.

A software tester who bears the profile name Trioculus (Carl J. from Microsoft), published a number of photos where you can not only see a banner on an old car saying that Windows Phone Services are "overhauled" and Darth Vader even joined the party on his motorbike.

A number of pseudo-zombies and what appears to be dressed-up Microsoft employees also participated in the event, dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller hit track (ed : hope they paid for performance fee for that).

The next few weeks will be very busy for Microsoft; Windows Phone 7 is expected to be launched on the 11th of October with the first beta of Internet Explorer 9 launching on the 15th of September.