Oracle Updates Increase Solaris Security

Oracle has issued updates for its Solaris enterprise operating system, designed to improve security of virtual machines of the platform.

The company has also updated its disaster recovery tool, Solaris Cluster 3.3, and Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 application development platform.

The updates reflects Oracle's efforts to offer enterprises everything from storage to networking solutions.

According to John Fowler, the executive vice president for Oracle's Systems and Storage group, the Solaris update fixes a number security holes and enhances performance for systems running on Oracle RAC and Java Runtime.

Apart from the Solaris update, Oracle has updated the Solaris Studio 12.2 to offer enhanced features like debugging. The Solaris Cluster 3.3 will offer better support for storage and disaster recovery solutions.

Oracle also dropped hints for the upcoming Solaris 11 platform, which will be launched next year. The company said that the new OS will an enterprise operating system in its true form.